Счастливая шляпа рыболова!в личном кабинете)

Если дато у кого и сколько она будет стоить? Пусть будет 50 монет. Чтобы её получить, нужно написать тиккет в игре с просьбой позвать Агиса для доната итема за 50 эфира. Community Forum Software by IP. Зачем же сразу одетых? Система для сообществ IP. Board Лицензия зарегистрирована на: Отправлено 01 Июль - Пытаюсь уже вторую неделю добыть для твинка шляпу. Пока что-то не очень получается. Подскажите, реально вообще ее достать? Насколько я понимаю, нужно выловить эту рыбуотдать ее роботу, который появляется в воскресенье с Все никак не могу поймать. Fly back to Westfall. Swim down the coast to the Troll island.

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Stay clear of the elite shark that roams around the deep water, surrounding the island. Consider using Bright Baubles. Fish Counter Put the following simple macro on your toolbar. Tap the macro button three times. Repeat until your fish are gone. Комментарий от Adioz What do i have to do to get health on the Lucky Fishing Hat? So if anybody ahs anymore sugestions then please reply to me.

счастливая шапка рыболова

Комментарий от Dedde I know the tournament is from 2 pm to 4 pm, but can i turn in these rare fishes after the tournament end on the sunday? Комментарий от Zubzubs Here is my Experiences with this Fishing Contest. I done this contest 7 months and 3 weeks for my twink. I now do it on my main from time to time. Basically you will fish at spots Labeled as "School of Tastyfish" The actual contest is the first person to catch 40 Tastyfish and hand them in to Booty Bay is the Winner.

счастливая шапка рыболова

Although this sounds extremely bad, most people can get them in thier first few attempts at the Contest. You might win next Week Set your hearthstone to Booty Bay. This can speed up the process of winning the contest. That is roughly the fishing contest, Good Luck to everyone who tries it Wrathblade - Wildhammer Комментарий от Sanwyn01 I just started fishing for the first time today on my 19 twink.

счастливая шапка рыболова

Комментарий от ShamanBOOSTER The fishing contest is on Sundays from 2pm - 4pm server time. Комментарий от Xeo I got this and the boots on my first try during the Fishing Contest. Two tips that helped me is to bring like a level 45 or so and take the WEST Coast. Everybody including the other faction gankers patrol the East coast. The other tip is to take the ENTIRE 2 hours. You can get a lot of fish during those 15 minutes. Комментарий от psychosam For all those characters that are level 70 and high level fishers! THERE IS A NEW FISHING HAT IN 2.

Счастливая шляпа рыболова

Attach a lure to your equipped fishing pole, increasing Fishing by 75 for 10 min. The stats on this hat have changed several times already, and will prob change several more times before 2.

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  • Personally I find this kickass. Atleast this way we get compensated with a ton of stam and spirit? For more information please see: Комментарий от p2pwns wear do i go to get this qeust?? Комментарий от p2pwns i was asknig round and a few of my firneds said u needed very high fishing fori t. Комментарий от Jomper cool little fun fact: Комментарий от Thoaee This item is part of the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Competition. Which takes place every Sunday between These are the items that can be won if you are the first person to hand in 40 Speckled Tastyfish to Riggle Bassbait in Bootybay. Arcanite Fishing Pole and Hook of the Master Angler.

    Once someone has won the fishing competition, you can still hand in your remaining Speckled Tastyfish to Jang in Bootybay. Комментарий от arthasdkbg who gives that Q which area westfall? I cant find it. Комментарий от monkay98 i got this hat right at the last minute. Комментарий от Sempra The Lucky Fishing Hat is, no question, THE best twink headpiece for 19 rogues. The problem is, getting it. Xatikiro Если я куплю игру Wo Anubarak The Wither 3 Wild Hu Insider World of Warcraft Ес Убор мастера проклятий - Предмет Вернуться в категорию Тканевые Очки кровавой лозы - Предмет. Дополнительная информация Игровое событие: Обнаружено использование расширения AdBlock. Викия — это свободный ресурс, который существует и развивается за счёт рекламы. Для блокирующих рекламу пользователей мы предоставляем модифицированную версию сайта.

    счастливая шапка рыболова

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